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If you are an investor that suffered financial losses from investing in either the Triloma EIG Energy Income Fund – Term 1 or the Triloma EIG Energy Income Fund, you may have grounds for a securities fraud claim to try to recoup your money. At Shepherd Smith Edwards and Kantas, LTD LLP we have been speaking with Triloma Fund investors to help them explore their legal options. Contact our investor fraud law firm today to request your free case consultation.

According to their website, the Triloma Funds are unlisted investment companies that have mostly an international portfolio of “privately originated energy company and project debt.” Investors included individual investors and institutional investors.

However, late last month, the Triloma Funds’ Board of Trustees approved a liquidation plan for each of the funds, so as to facilitate their dissolution. The Funds will refrain from any business activities besides those having to do with shutting down operations. Meantime, monthly distributions and reinvestment plans for both funds have ended. An initial cash distribution related to liquidation is scheduled, as is a second one.

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