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State Street Resolves SEC Fraud Charges for $35M
To settle charges brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, State Street (STT) will pay over $35M to resolve charges accusing the financial firm of overcharging transition management customers in secret, purportedly making $20M in improper revenue in the process, and leaving out material information related to GovEx, the trading platform it uses for US Treasury securities. The charges against State Street were brought in two separate orders.

In the first SEC order, the firm is accused of using false trading statements, post-trade reports, and pre-trade estimates so it could misrepresent the compensation it received on different transactions. After one customer noticed certain concealed markups, State Street’s employees claimed that these were “inadvertent commissions.”

In the second order, the SEC said that the firm did not notify GovEx subscribers that although the trading platform had been touted as “fair and transparent,” one subscriber was given a “Last Look” option that briefly allowed for the opportunity to turn down matches to quotes that were submitted. The Last Look trading functionality was used by that subscriber to turn down 57 matches, each face valued at $1M. Counterparties were not notified by State Street that Last Look had rejected their orders.

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