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38 stock loan traders from A.G. Edwards, Morgan Stanley, Oppenheimer, and Nomura Securities are accused of stealing over $12 Million in stock loan kickbacks from their Wall Street firms. The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the employees with the more than $12 million theft.

The SEC says that from 1998-2006, the traders worked with fake stock loan finders to skim profits from their employers through finder fees as well as cash kickbacks from finders. The stock loan traders conducted actual, legal stock loans but logged that the transactions involved finders, so there would be finder’s fees.

The finders were usually friends or relatives of the traders who were in charge of illegitimate “shell companies” that were not even a part of the stock loan business. The “finder” would then pay traders with kickbacks. The more sophisticated scams involved traders using their kickbacks to pay the other traders who had pushed through the loan transactions.

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