MedCapital, Related Companies, and Executives Ordered to Pay $831M of Disgorgement Over Ponzi Scam

A U.S. District Court judge has ordered Medical Capital Holdings, related companies, and a number of executives to pay $831M of disgorgement. The disgorgement comes seven years after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission brought its securities fraud case against Medical Capital over its billion-dollar Ponzi scam.

The allegations eventually forced dozens of mid- and small-sized independent brokerage firms that sold Medical Capital private placements, among other deals that failed, to shut down in the wake of the slew of investor securities fraud cases that followed. Nearly 9,000 investors were owed about $1.08B from the Ponzi scam.

Medical Capital raised over $2B through its independent brokerage firm network from ’03 and ’09. The money was supposedly going toward the purchase of discounted medical receivables, payment of general operating expenses, and loans that were secured.

The private placement offerings promised 8.5-10.5% yearly returns. Meantime, Medical Capital made almost $325M in administrative fees.

Investors, alleging fraud, unsuitability, and misrepresentation, have since recovered $432M, including what was recovered and given out by a court appointed receiver, $101M from brokerage firms, and $180M from banks or bond indenture trustees. Investors who got money back were paid 40 cents on the dollar.

In June, ex-Medical Capital Holdings COO and president Joseph Lampariello was sentenced to 10 years and a month behind bar. He also was told to pay almost $40M to investors that were harmed. Lampariello is accused of misappropriating money from investors to pay other investors, as well as issuing administrative fees to himself.

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