OppenheimerFunds Says Puerto Rico Can Repay Its $72B Debt

OppenheimerFunds Inc. (OPY) is disputing Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro García Padilla’s contention that the island cannot pay back its $72 billion debt. The New York-based mutual fund company said that based on data about income growth, sales-tax collection, and unemployment, the U.S. territory’s economy can withstand repaying creditors.

According to Bloomberg data, as of July 9, OppenheimerFunds, which is the largest holder of Puerto Rico municipal bonds, had about $4.4 billion of uninsured obligations from the island. Aside from insured debt, re-refunded securities, and tobacco bonds, these obligations make up 13.8% of Oppenheimer’s municipal fund holdings.

As Puerto Rico bonds continue to lose value-data shows that this year alone Puerto Rico bonds suffered a 9.5% loss-OppenheimerFunds’ municipal funds also have suffered. Bloomberg reports that for 2015,the company’s state funds in Arizona, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and North Carolina, which all hold Puerto Rico securities, sustained the largest losses among single-state, open-end muni funds.

When García Padilla asked for wide-ranging restructuring of the territory’s debt last month, OppenheimerFunds said it would defend the terms of the bonds it holds. The firm does not believe the territory’s fiscal health will get better even if some of Puerto Rico’s agencies file for bankruptcy protection.

As of now the commonwealth cannot file for bankruptcy to erase its debts or that of its publicly- owned corporations. However, this week, Democrats in the U.S. Senate introduced a bill that would allow the territory’s public entities to file for Chapter 9 protection. Also this week, Puerto Rico asked creditors not to get embroiled in extensive litigation over the debt it owes. (There were creditors that went to court over a restructuring law that would have affected the territory’s public agencies. Oppenheimerfunds was one of them.

Meantime, Puerto Rico’s leading officials and advisors met with bondholders at Citibank (C) in New York. Jim Millstein, the head of Millstein & Co. warned that a “highly litigated process” could lead to “adverse consequences.” His company is offering restructuring advice to the island.

At the meeting, creditors sought to find out what kind of adjustment the Puerto Rican government is considering for their debt. Millstein said that all of this would be looked at on an “entity to entity” basis.

García Padilla’s call to restructure the island’s debt could spell trouble for municipal bond insurers that agreed to make scheduled principal and interest payments if the municipality were to default. Among those that could be forced to pay is Assured Guaranty, which, as of March 31 was backing about $10 billion in Puerto Rico principal plus interest payments. MBIA’s National Public Finance Guarantee Corp. also had backed about $10 billion.

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