Two Firms Charged in Texas With Running Fraudulent Commodity Pool Must Pay Over $7.5M

A district court in Texas is ordering a permanent injunction against RFF GP, LLC, KGW Capital Management, LLC, and Kevin White. The order is related to a 2013 Commodity Futures Trading Commission complaint charging them with fraud and misappropriation related to the running of a commodity pool.

The regulator says that defendants bilked participants when they got them to invest in the hedge fund and the commodity pool, named Revelation Forex Fund, LP. The fund was supposed to trade in off-exchange foreign currency. According to the CFTC, however, the defendants fraudulently solicited about $7.4 million from over 20 participants, misappropriating some $1.7 million from their money to cover personal spending and other matters. They allegedly fabricated the fund’s performance and lied about White’s experience in investing.

The Securities and Exchange Commission also filed its Texas securities case against White and the firms, along with a few other entities. The SEC said that White promoted a sophisticated forex trading strategy that was low risk but would lead to huge earnings. He also touted the Revelation Forex as a $1 billion hedge fund that managed to bring in returns of over 393% returns while earning an over 36% compound yearly return rate. White marketed himself as having 25 years of experience working in Wall Street when he had worked just six years as a licensed securities professional in Texas before the NYSE barred him.

Earlier this year, White was sentenced to eight years for mail fraud after pleading guilty to the charge in connection with his commodity trading fraud scam. He started his sentence this week.

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Read the Consent Order (PDF)

Federal Court Orders Texas-based RFF GP, LLC, KGW Capital Management, LLC, and Kevin G. White to Pay over $7.5 Million for Operating a Fraudulent Commodity Pool, CFTC, April 6, 2015

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