Puerto Rico, Hedge Funds Look to Ex-IMF Officials to Help With Debt Crisis

According to The Wall Street Journal, the government of Puerto Rico and the hedge funds that own its bonds are looking to ex-International Monetary Fund officials to help solve the U.S. territory’s growing debt problem. Meantime, Puerto Rico is talking to the funds and other investors about borrowing some $3 billion in new bonds to help fill its coffers that are almost empty. Already, the commonwealth is in debt of over $70 billion.

Now, say sources, Puerto Rico has retained ex-IMF first deputy managing director Anne Krueger as a consultant, and a committee for the hedge funds is talking to the IMF’s ex-Western Hemisphere department director Claudio Loser. The IMF is considered the lender of last resort for countries that are considered emerging market nations.

The dealings with ex-IMF heads are an indicator of Puerto Rico’s unusual status. It is not a sovereign nation or a U.S. state. Therefore, its municipal entities are not entitled to the U.S.’s bankruptcy protections. Yet because the island is an American commonwealth, it doesn’t qualify for aid from the IMF.

Earlier this year, a federal judge blocked a local law that would have allowed the Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority and other public authorities access to a restructuring process. However, a committee in the U.S. house is looking at a bill that would let agencies in the territory gain access to the same Chapter 9 protections that were given to the city of Detroit. The Michigan city filed for bankruptcy after incurring $18 billion in debt. It has since emerged from bankruptcy protection.

One year after Puerto Rico borrowed $3.5 billion in bond markets, with hedge funds purchasing over half the deal, the island has had a hard time making good on a promised tax overhaul. Bond prices have declined. Meantime, sources tell The Wall Street Journal, the hedge funds that possess a lot of Puerto Rico bonds are looking to the IMF for guidance on how they can promise new loans to push for financial overhaul or negotiate with a sovereign in default.

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