$5M Texas-Based Securities Fraud Scam Pursued Foreign Investors Wanting US Residency Via EB-5 Program

The SEC has filed fraud charges against a couple over a Texas securities scam that allegedly targeted foreign investors wanting to become American residents. Bebe and Marco Ramirez and three of their companies-USA Now LLC, Now Co. Loan Services, and USA Now Energy Capital Group LP-are accused of fraudulently raising at least $5 million from customers who were falsely promised that their cash would be invested in EB-5 Immigrant Investor Pilot Program.

Investors in Mexico, Egypt, and Nigeria were reportedly targeted. None of the investors ever received green cards let alone conditional visas from investing with the Ramirez’s and their companies.

The actual program allows foreign investors to receive conditional visas and later green cards if they invest in US economic development projects that help preserve or create a certain number of jobs for our nation’s workers. However, contends the regulator, rather than investing the money into the program, the Ramirezes moved investor funds to other businesses or used the money for their personal spending. Also, at least once, the couple allegedly used new investors’ money to pay existing investors in Ponzi scheme-fashion.

The SEC’s complaint says that as early as 2010, the Ramirez’s pursued approval from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to register USA Now as an EB-5 regional center that could receive and direct foreign investors’ investments into investment opportunities that were supposed to meet visa requirements. Yet before USCIS had made a decision, the Ramirezes and their employees began pursuing investors.

The couple supposedly told investors that the company would keep their investments in escrow until the government had approved their request. The two of them then went on to misappropriate the funds, including opening up a Cajun-themed restaurant.

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The SEC’s complaint against the Ramirezes (PDF)

Investor Alert: Investment Scams Exploit Immigrant Investor Program, SEC

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