OmniVision Technologies Investors’ Securities Lawsuit Can Proceed, Says District Court

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California says that OmniVision Technologies investors can move forward with their securities fraud lawsuit as to two challenged statements that were made by one of the company’s senior officials. The statements pertain to the smart phone sensor maker’s alleged competition with Sony to provide Apple smart phones with image sensors.

The defendants In re OmniVision Technologies Inc. Securities Litigation are senior company officials. The court says that OmniVision was successful in getting its sensors in Apple’s ’09 and ’10 iPhone products. Yet, although OmniVision was contracted by Apple to not disclose their working relationship, the former allegedly was able to let the markets know.

The plaintiffs argued that such statements caused the market to think that OmniVision was Apple’s only image sensor supplier when actually it was Sony that was its dominant supplier. Rumors eventually surfaced that OmniVision had lost business to its rival. This information, along with less than favorable financial results, are what they believe caused OmniVision’s stock price to go down.

Per the district court, it saw two statements that might be “potentially actionable.” The court said that although the remarks don’t mention Apple, they might be viewed as “false or misleading” if Apple had already chosen Sony as its image sensor provider for the iPhone 4S.

The court also said that the securities lawsuit alleges details about Sony that could suggest that OmniVision was losing ground to Sony. It determined that there were allegations that “at least establish an inference” that sometime during the Class Period Apple was seriously considering going with Sony instead of OmniVision for certain parts it wanted to buy. The court denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss.

In re OmniVision Technologies Inc. Securities Litigation (PDF)

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