Controversial Democratic Appointee Pushes SEC for Less Talk About Investor and Securities Market Protections and More Action

According to Securities and Exchange Commissioner Luis Aguilar, the growing number of registered investment advisers, the increasing complexity of the financial instruments they use, and the recent trends in securities examinations show that there is a need for the regulator to up the vigorousness of its investment adviser examinations and enforcement activities. He noted that even as the SEC is working to give the regulated community best practices and guidance to enhance compliance, it also intends to increase its scrutiny of advisers, including more exams (especially for private fund advisers). Alternative investment managers will also get more attention.

Aguilar pointed out that with the number SEC registered investment advisers having gone up about 50% to over 10,000 last year, the value of the assets that they manage also increasing from about $22 trillion in 2002 to approximately $44 trillion in 2011, as well as a rise in the number of complex financial instruments that advisers use, there are more chances for “mischief” to happen. Hence, there is the need for more robust enforcement.

Also, as our securities fraud law firm mentioned in a previous blog post, the SEC commissioner wants there to be an end to mandatory arbitration agreements. Per the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the SEC now can prohibit or limit pre-dispute arbitration agreements, which have become standard fare for brokerage firms. Aguilar is concerned that they are also becoming routine for investment advisory firms. He wants the government to ponder the possibility of adopting rules that would stop or limit broker-dealers and investment advisers from mandating that customers sign clauses in their agreements with one another that prevents them from filing securities fraud lawsuits and instead only resolve their disputes via arbitration.

Regarding retail investors, Commissioner Aguilar doesn’t believe they are getting the same degree of protections in both the corporate bond and municipal securities markets. While corporate bonds that the investing public can buy have to be registered with the SEC, no statutory authority exists that requires the same of municipal securities. Also, before municipal securities offering documents are made available to the public, the SEC does not get or even look at these documents. Aguilar says investor protections in this arena are mainly through the regulation of municipal securities dealers and brokerage firms.

Further scrutinizing the SEC, Commissioner Aguilar recently said that the regulator is still missing the mark on certain important initiatives involving investor protection, including the lack of regard he says it exhibited for regulators and investor’ suggestions about the lifting of the ban on private offering-related general advertising. Per the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, the Commission has to amend the 1933 Securities Act’s Rule 506 to get rid of the existing ban on general advertising in specific situations. However, the ban’s removal has led to fear that offerings that are mass-marketed under the rule will place investors at even more risk of abuse and financial fraud.

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