SEC Roundup: Massachusetts Investment Adviser Gets $1.78M Judgment and Allianz to Pay $12.3M to Settle Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Lawsuit

Massachusetts Investment Adviser Gets $1.78M Judgment
In a final judgment, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts says that EagleEye Asset Management LLC and its principal Jeffrey A. Liskov must pay a $1.78M judgment for using a foreign currency exchange trading scam to defraud clients. The Securities and Exchange Commission contends that Liskov fraudulently got several of his investment advisory clients to liquidate securities investments and place the money in forex trading. While EagleEye and Liskov made about $300,000 in performance fees, their clients allegedly lost $4M.

Liskov is accused of perpetuating the investment adviser fraud by issuing material misrepresentations about forex investments, their risks, and his track record. Also per the SEC’s complaint, Liskov more than once took old forms that advisory clients had signed and changed the dates, asset transfer amounts, and other information, and, without their knowledge, opened forex trading accounts.

Allianz to Pay $12.3M to Settle Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Lawsuit
Allianz SE, a German insurance firm, has consented to pay $12.3M to settle SEC administrative allegations that committed Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations by issuing improper payments to Indonesian officials. Allianz is settling the case without denying or admitting to the allegations.

The Commission contends that over a seven-year period the insurer’s Indonesian subsidiary paid about $650,000 to employees of entities that were owned by the state and received approximately 295 insurance contracts-eventually leading to $5.3M in profits-as a result. The agency says that even after Allianz received two complaints about possible FCPA violations and discovered that company employees had a special fund for making bribes, the allegedly illicit payments continued, and in some instances, were disguised so as not to be detected.

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Spotlight on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

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