AmeriFirst Funding Corp. Owner Convicted of Texas Securities Fraud

The former COO of AmeriFirst Acceptance Corp. and AmeriFirst Funding Corp. was recently convicted of multiple counts of Texas securities fraud and mail fraud for his involvement in bilking over 500 investors of over $50 million. A lot of the victims of Dennis Woods Bowden were retirees.

Per evidence that was given at trial, the 58-year-old executive and Jeffrey Charles Bruteyn, who was AmeriFirst’s managing director, made available Secured Debt Obligations (SDOs) as promissory note offerings to raise millions of dollars from investors in Florida and Texas. A lot of these clients, who were no longer employed, had hoped to place their money in investments that were safe.

While Bruteyn, who was convicted of nine counts of Texas securities fraud, directed brokers to sell the securities, it was Bowden who deceived and misled and defrauded them by signing the documents that were given to investors and misrepresenting/not disclosing material facts about the securities and the risks involved. For example, he falsely represented to investors that:

• A commercial bank was guaranteeing investors’ investments Interest in certain kinds of collateral was secured by the investors’ principal
• Insurance had been bought to protect investors’ money • The SDO’s issuers were also acting as the fiduciary of investors.

In fact, all of these “facts” were untrue. Instead, Bowden served as “fiduciary” and spent investors’ money on things they had not approved or even known about.

Senior Financial Fraud
Unfortunately, senior financial fraud continues to be a huge problem in Texas and elsewhere in the US. The state of Texas even recently started running public service announcements to warn investors to be wary of “free lunch” seminars that promise free meals but were, in fact, an excuse to “hard sell” attendees into making investments that may not be appropriate for them. The PSAs also are reminding seniors to check the background of anyone they decide to go into an investment opportunity with-even if the other person is a friend, a fellow community member, or a co-worker.

Unfortunately, retirees continue to be the favorite targets for many seeking to bilk investors. With many of these elderly seniors no longer having a regular source of income, becoming the victim of Texas securities fraud can have devastating consequences, making it difficult for the victims to afford the care they may need or maintain the quality of life they have worked so hard to give themselves.

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