Former-Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Willie Gault Sued by SEC for Securities Scam Involving the Alleged Inflation of Stock Prices

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is suing former NFL football player Will Gault for securities fraud. According to US regulators, he and several others participated in a fraud scam that involved inflating the stock price of Heart Tronics, which is a heart-monitoring device company. Other defendants in the Commission’s case include lawyer Mitchell Stein, Heart Tronics Co-CEO J. Rowland Perkins, and Stein’s driver Martin B. Carter. Investors were bilked of nearly $8 million.

Per the SEC’s complaint, between 2006 and 2008 Heart Tronics repeatedly announced that millions of dollars in (bogus) sales orders for its heart-monitoring devices had been placed. To garner investor confidence, Gault was appointed company president and Co-CEO.

Meantime, Stein, who hired promoters to promote the company’s stock online, allegedly made secret trades. The Commission says he used investors’ money to pay for private jets, a number of homes, and exotic motor vehicles.

Stein is also a defendant in a parallel criminal case filed by the US justice department. In the indictment against him, prosecutors charged him with putting out press releases promoting the fake sales, conspiring to obstruct the SEC probe, and taking part in a financial scam to artificially increase Heart Tronic’s stock price through bogus orders from nonexistent clients.

The Commission says that Perkins and Gault hardly ever asked Stein about his actions, as well as failed to fulfill their fiduciary duties. Gault and Stein are accused of defrauding one investor, in particular, who made a substantial investment in the heart-monitoring device company. That investor’s money ended up in Gault’s personal brokerage account.

The SEC is accusing Carter and Stein of generating false documents to support false disclosures that were made to the public. This included sending a letter from a fictitious client in order to deceive auditors, management, and disclosure counsel, as well as sending products to a friend of Carter’s to make it seem as if an actual device was delivered.

The SEC is seeking a permanent bar against Stein, Gault, and Perkins that would prevent them from serving as corporate officers. They also want them to pay financial penalties and give back ill-gotten gains.

Gault was a former University of Tennessee football player who played for the Chicago Bears for 11 seasons. He also belonged to the US Olympic team that boycotted the Summer Games in Moscow in 1980.

Securities Fraud
If you are an investor that was defrauded by people who took advantage of you and took the money for their own personal use and gain, you may have grounds for a securities fraud case.

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Read the SEC Complaint (PDF)

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