Winell Associates Inc., Maxi Partners GP, and Howard Winell Settle CTFC Charges Accusing Them of Misappropriating Funds and Unauthorized Trading of Over $5.2M

Howard Winell, Winell Associates Inc., and Maxie Partners GP LLC have agreed to pay over $5.2 million to settle Commodity Futures Trading Commission charges accusing them of taking part in unauthorized trading and misappropriating funds related to a commodity futures and options pool. By settling, the respondents are not denying or admitting the allegations. They have, however, agreed to a permanent ban from both trading and registering with the CFTC.

The agency says that in 2005, Winell and the two firms solicited and pooled about $20 million from approximately 25 participants to trade commodity futures and options on commodity futures through Maxie Partners LP, which is a commodity pool. In May 2007, one of the largest participants in the pool asked to redeem about $7 million. The agency says that while the respondents segregated that amount to meet this request, before the redemption was issued the pool suffered substantial losses and had margin calls of about $4 million issued by futures commission merchants that held the pool’s trading accounts. The CFTC says that to keep on trading and meet the margin calls, Winell had to transfer those segregated funds back to the pool’s trading accounts. About $3.8 million of the participant’s money was lost.

It is wrong for brokers and financial advisers to misappropriate funds when doing their job. If you believe that you have suffered financial losses because of broker misconduct, do not hesitate to contact our stockbroker fraud lawyers immediately.

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Commodity Futures Trading Commission

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