Texas-Based AIG’s Largest Private Shareholder Says US Will Likely Sell Its Shares in the Insurer At Lower Price than Expected

Bruce Berkowitz, who is the Texas-based American International Group Inc.’s largest private shareholder, says he thinks the US government will sell its shares in the insurer at $27 to $29-that’s lower than the insurer’s “book value” and definitely lower than what he paid for most of his position. Berkowitz, who is the manager of the $17.5 billion Fairholme Fund, is the owner of approximately $1.2 billion in AIG stock. This week, the government said it would sell 300 million AIG shares to the public.

At the end of March, AIG’s book value was approximately $47.66 a share. It’s stock is currently trading at a deep discount to that figure. AIG share prices have gone down as of late-they hit a $50 plus high at the start of the year when warrants that the company issued were factored in-because of anticipation that the Treasury Department would start selling its 92.1% stake in the insurance giant during a large share offering. The US has so many AIG shares because it intervened with a $182 billion bailout after the insurer was hit by the financial crisis in 2008.

The Treasury had paid $47.5 billion for approximately 1.66 billion AIG shares. Break-even price was $27.70/share. If investors are wanting to pay lower than this, the government might decide to share a smaller amount of shares to start. Closing price of AIG shares on Tuesday was $29.62, meaning the US’s 300 million shares were worth approximately $8.89 billion.

If demand for the shares turns out to be high, the US could make a profit. Approximately $4.3 billion in AIG shares are held by investors other than the US government.

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