FINRA Will Customize Oversight to Investment Adviser Industry if Chosen as Its SRO

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority CEO and Chairman Richard Ketchum says that if the SRO is chosen to regulate investment advisers, it will tailor its oversight to that industry. At a compliance conference run by the Financial Market Association and the Securities Industry last month, Ketchum said that advisers’ concerns that FINRA would not comprehend the IA model are “simply wrong.”

FINRA oversees some 4,560 brokerage firms. Ketchum says that the SRO would set up a separate affiliate that would supervise investment advisers, who would not be subject to the same rules as broker-dealers. He stressed the needs for more examinations to discourage securities fraud and check on compliance as two of the reasons why FINRA should become the regulatory agency over investment advisers.

Per a Securities and Exchange Commission study mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the agency’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations only examines about 9% of the investment adviser industry each year. On average, an adviser is examined by the SEC once every 11 years. The study offered recommendations:

• The creation of a new SRO for investment advisers
• Giving FINRA jurisdiction over investment advisers • Using user fees to fund the SEC’s exam program

Many investment advisers do not want FINRA to become their SRO and are pushing for lawmakers to increase SEC funding. Also opposing FINRA as the advisers’ SRO is the Investment Adviser Association, which alleges lack of accountability, transparency, and a bias toward the broker-dealer model.

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