Prison Term for Broker Accused of Investment Fraud Affirmed by 7th Circuit Even Though Sentence Exceeds Guidelines

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has affirmed broker Scott Schlueter’s 48-month prison sentence even though it exceeds sentencing guidelines. Schlueter is accused of conducting an investment scam that resulted in over $300,000 in financial losses for investors, who also happened to be friends of his.

Schlueter has admitted that rather than placing investors’ money in no-risk investments, he kept the funds while paying out interest from time to time. He has pleaded guilty to securities fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud.

Although sentencing guidelines call for 33 to 41 months behind bars, the district court judge sentenced Schlueter to 48 months. The judge contends that the serious impact of the rogue broker’s actions was not accounted for in the sentencing guideline range and that an above-range sentence was “more than adequate” considering that Schlueter not just bilked investors of money they needed during “critical stages of their lives,” but he also took advantage of his friendships with investors to defraud them.

For example, one 75-year-old man ended up having to go back to work. Another investor, a widow, had to get a second job after she lost her insurance money.

Schlueter, who argued that he should only sentenced for two year because he had a tough childhood and suffered from alcoholism, contested the above-range sentenced. The appeals court, however, turned down his request down and affirmed the four-year sentence.

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