Even as Ponzi Schemers Serve Time Behind Bars, Investors Are Left Coping with Millions in Financial Losses

While the multi-billion dollar Stanford and Madoff Ponzi scams are among the larger fraud schemes that have dominated the news headlines, “smaller” Ponzi scams resulting in losses in the millions have cropped up throughout the US. Some of these fraudsters have been convicted and are paying for their crimes behind bars. Unfortunately, the many investors who have not recovered their lost investments are still paying a price, too.

Ponzi scammer Jeremy Hart is now sentenced 9 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of felony securities and one count of felony theft. Hart and Richard Novaria ran a Ponzi scam between July 2006 and May 2008 that defrauded investors of $3.4 million. Many of the investors were clients of Hart Financial Inc. and they had placed their money in Dreamweaver Foundation, which was run by Novaria. Although they were promised returns of 7 to 14%, no money was made and Hart used investors’ funds to pay for personal expenses.

Also recently pleading guilty to fraud, including money laundering and mail fraud, is ex-Park Capital Management Group manager Donna Jones. She served as the assistant of Brentwood financial adviser Michael J. Park. Jones has admitted to running a Ponzi scam with Park that bilked investors of PCMG funds of over $10 million. The money was supposed to have been invested in marketable securities.

More than 10 investors invested more than $10 million in the bogus PCMG investment accounts. Only $4 million has been recovered. Park has already been sentenced to 8 years in prison. Jones hasn’t received her sentence yet.

Also now behind bars is Keith Epstein of Epstein and Rich Investment Firm. He is accused of defrauding elderly members and their families of millions. Investors wrote Epstein personal checks for investments that he was supposed to make on their behalf. Instead, he deposited the funds in his personal account.

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