Houston Man Indicted in Alleged $17M Texas Securities Fraud

A federal grand jury has indicted Adley Husni Abdulwahab on one count of conspiracy and five counts of Texas securities fraud in connection with an alleged $17 million investment scheme involving the sale of investments issued by W Financial Group. The Houston resident, who is also facing federal charges over an alleged $100 million life insurance scheme, is in custody in Virginia.

Abdulwahab is accused of conspiring with two other men, Michael Wallens, Sr., and Michael Wallens, Jr., to defraud investors in connection with the sales of Collateral Secured Debt Obligations (CSDOs). The three men reportedly received over $17 million from the sales of the promissory notes to over 180 investors.

The three men are accused of issuing a number of misstatements to investors, such as claiming that Republic Group and Lloyd’s of London had “reinsured” the CSDOs, which were not in fact insured. Offering materials made it appear as if the investors’ money were held in insured notes, cash, automotive receivables, or corporate or government AAA bonds, when the three men were actually spending the money. For example, investor money was used to buy Wallens Sr.’s used car dealership for over $300,000, invest in a power company and building company, buy residential lots, and compensate the three men. Wallens, Sr. And Wallens, Jr. have each pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud.

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