Business Man Pleads Guilty Plea in Florida Microcap Market Fraud Case

Federal officials say that Jean “Richard” Charbit has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud in connection with a South Florida stock scam involving the microcap market that was under investigation by an undercover FBI sting. Charbit is facing a maximum 5 years in prison.

He and defendant Tzemach David Netzer Korem are accused of trying to pay kickbacks to a stockbroker so they could use client accounts to buy shares from the defendants’ company. This made it look as if there was a demand for the instruments, which allowed the defendants to dump their holdings at inflated prices.

Charbit and Korem controlled or owned about 5.6 million shares of ZNext Mining Corp. (ZNXT). Charbit offered the “broker,” who was actually an FBI agent, $100,000 to misappropriate $300,000 from discretionary accounts to purchase common stock in ZNXT. Per the criminal complaint, the goal was to raise the individual common share price from 4 cents to 50 cents.

Eight other microcap stock promoters and market insiders have been charged with securities fraud related to this scheme. Some also are facing criminal charges. One of the persons charged in the microcap market fraud case is Larry Wilcox, the former star of the TV show “CHiPs.” As part of his plea agreement, he admitted to conspiring to defraud a pension plan of $40,000.

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