Texas Securities Fraud Incidents on the Rise, Say State Officials

According to state authorities, there are more Texas securities schemes happening than ever before. One of the reasons for this is that many investors are looking for opportunities to make money during these tough economic times as they try to rebuild their savings. Securities officials are working hard to combat these investment schemes.

The Texas State Securities Board says that it took about 2,177 law enforcement actions during fiscal year 2009-up significantly from the 949 administrative and criminal actions it took in 2008. Now, after the recent BP oil spill, there have been scammers who have tried to persuade investors to invest in “new technology” that can stop similar disaster from happening. Also, State Securities Commissioner Denise Voigt Crawford says precious metal-related schemes are currently popular because gold prices are at a high. According to the Statesman.com, other leading Texas investors traps include:

• Life settlements • Gas schemes • Oil scams • Exchange-traded funds • Foreign exchange trading schemes • Affinity fraud • Green scams • Undisclosed conflicts of interest • Unsolicited online offers (via email, Twitter, Facebook, other social media)
• Private deals
People who want to retire and need financial security are among those at high risk of becoming victims of Dallas securities fraud. Crawford suggests that investors contact her office to make sure that a financial adviser is properly licensed.

It is important that you do your own due diligence find out more about a particular financial opportunity before investing your own money. For example, not only can you check with the Texas State Securities Board to find out whether a securities dealer or investment adviser is in fact registered, but also you can go onto the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Web site to find out more about a broker-dealer or broker.

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Texas State Securities Board



In the event that you do find yourself the victim of Houston securities fraud, do not hesitate to contact our Texas stockbroker fraud firm as soon as possible.

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