Investors File Texas Securities Fraud Lawsuit Against Ernst & Young

A group of investors that lost over $17 million after a Plano-based hedge fund that promised low risk investments collapsed are suing Ernst & Young for Texas securities fraud. Parkcentral Global sold the two funds involved.

According to the Houston securities fraud complaint, although E & Y was auditing Parkcentral, the audited financial statements never warned investors that they were in financial trouble. Investors quickly lost every cent they invested even though they were promised that placing their money in Parkcentral would preserve capital. Parkcentral, which is now-defunct after losing over $2.6 billion, used to be run by affiliates of former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot

The plaintiffs contend that not only did E & Y make false representations that it fairly audited Parkcentral, but also it failed to fulfill its role as “watchdog” for investors. They are accusing E & Y of Texas securities fraud, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and conspiracy.

Earlier this month, one of the plaintiffs, Brown Investment Management, L.P., won a Delaware Supreme Court case requiring that Parkcentral Global disclose the identity of its investors, which means that their names could also be added to the Houston securities case. Other current plaintiffs include Thomas R. Brown Family Private Foundation, SBS Ventures LLC, and MBB Ventures LLC. They are seeking actual and punitive damages.

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