Texas Attorney General Candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky Says State Should File Securities Fraud Lawsuit Against Wall Street Firms

Barbara Ann Radnofsky, the Democratic candidate for Texas attorney general, says that the state should sue Wall Street firms for securities fraud. Earlier this week, she published a legal brief accusing investment banks of being responsible for the financial crisis. Her Texas securities fraud briefing, which is modeled on the multibillion-dollar tobacco settlements from the 1990’s, is seeking approximately $18 billion in securities fraud damages and other reparations for Texas. She targets Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group, AIG insurance, and other leading financial firms, banks, and bond-rating agencies.

Radnofsky’s brief is not a securities fraud lawsuit, but it is a framework for one. She hopes that it will push incumbent Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to take action. She contends that if Abbott fails to sue the firms by September, “he is committing legal malpractice.” She is accusing him of failing to act despite the “clear evidence.”

Radnofsky has noted that the financial meltdown has forced Texas to make cuts to social programs, environmental enforcement, and child protective services. She says the “Great Recession” has lead to child illness, hunger, death, and abuse. She also contends that foreclosures and abandoned homes have severely affected neighborhoods.

Radnofsky launched Suewallstreet.com earlier this week. The Web site includes a petition pushing for Texas and other US states to file a securities fraud complaint against numerous financial firms. The aim is to garner 100,000 signatures. Randofsky, who is an attorney, offered to handle the securities fraud lawsuit at no cost to taxpayers. Soon after Radnofsky launched her appeal, Attorney General Abbott’s office revealed that Texas, other states, and the US Department of Justice are conducting a broad investigation into the Wall Street firms that may have played a key role in the economic crisis.

Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LTD LLP founder and Stockbroker Fraud Attorney William Shepherd is applauding Radnofsky’s move. “”I have no doubts that Wall Street’s actions, including intentional and grossly negligent acts, have caused severe harm worldwide. States such as Texas could be in a unique position to seek relief based on the history of similar suits. States and municipalities have been big losers as a result of financial woes caused by Wall Street and I congratulate Ms. Radnofsky for her efforts.”

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