Supreme Court Nominee Elana Kagan Took Investors Side on Two Significant Securities Cases

The Wall Street Journal reports that as Solicitor General of the United States, US Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan has sided with investor interests in two high profile lawsuits. In one securities fraud complaint that looked at when shareholders can sue mutual–fund mangers that had allegedly charged fees that were excessive, her office submitted a legal brief supporting investors. Kagan contended that a lower-court ruling make sure that there was enough of a check on potentially exorbitant fees. In another securities case, the Solicitor General’s office argued that Merck & Co. Inc. shareholders did not wait too long to file lawsuits accusing the pharmaceutical company of misrepresenting the safety of VIoxx. This spring, the US Supreme Court unanimously agreed with Kagan’s position in both cases.

However, The solicitor general’s office is siding with the business side in another investor lawsuit that awaiting resolution by the Supreme Court. She is contending that foreign investors shouldn’t be able to file a US securities lawsuit against National Australia Bank Ltd, which is a foreign company.

The Wall Street Journal says that by choosing Kagan as the latest Supreme Court nominee, the Obama administration is taking “a friendlier approach” when it comes to investor cases.

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