Dallas Securities Attorney and Former SEC Litigator Convicted of Fraud in Pump and Dump Stock Scam

A jury has convicted Phillip Windom Offill Jr. of Texas securities fraud. The Dallas lawyer and former SEC trial attorney was found guilty of nine counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy for his involvement in a “pump and dump” scam that sold nine companies’ unregistered securities to investors in order to make a profit.

Court filings had accused the Texas securities attorney of using bogus press releases and “blast” emails to get investors to buy certain companies’ shares. When stock prices would go up, those involved in the scam would dump stock to make money. 10 other defendants have pleaded guilty for their part in the securities fraud scheme.

The SEC’s civil complaint against Offill accused him of conspiring with others to create bogus investment firms that obtained an offering of millions of unregistered AVL shares. Offill was one of the people who allegedly would transfer the shares to the company’s founder and associates, who would then promote the company’s potential as stock was being dumped.

According to U.S. Attorney Neil H. MacBride, Offill purposely broke the law, so that he and others could make millions off of innocent investors who ended up with worthless stock.

Prosecutors want $15 million in forfeiture. Offill’s sentencing is scheduled for April. He faces up to 20 years in prison for each wire fraud conviction and a maximum of five years in prison for conspiracy.

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