Judge Rejects ‘Fat Cat’ JPMorgan Chase’s $9,122 Bill for Producing Subpoenaed Documents

A judge has turn down JPMorgan Chase‘s request that a petitioner pay the investment bank $9,122 for providing subpoenaed documents to confirm an arbitration award. Instead, Judge Arthur Schack issued an 11-page ruling granting just $1.250.27 to JPMorgan Chase for producing 18,248 pages.

The investment bank had sought to bill Abraham Klein, who was granted a multimillion-dollar arbitration award against Caring Home Care Agency and Christine Persaud, $.25/page at $25/hour for 182 hours of research. JP Morgan Chase said it cost $4,550 to find and retrieve the documents and $4,580 to print them.

Schack called the astronomical bill an example of greed among Wall Street’s ‘fat cat bankers.’ He noted that the court does not serve as a collection agency for making rich bankers even richer and called JPMorgan Chase head James S. Dimon the investment firm’s “fattest cat,” considering that he was compensated almost $20 million last year.

Schack reduced JPMorgan Chase’s bill by lowering the quoted hourly fee to $6.55, which is Indiana’s minimum wage. He also awarded the investment bank 1 cent/ page based on page prices found on major stationary supplier Web sites. He also said that because JPMorgan Chase posted 16,317 of the 18,248 pages online, rather than printing them, the bank should receive payment for labor and not supplies for those pages.

Klein says that not only did JPMorgan Chase seek reimbursement for documents it never produced, but also it sent over thousands of documents that hd did not request. JPMorgan Chase is denying the allegations.

There have been too many occasions involving investment banks that have sought to take financial advantage of investors and other clients. You can obtain compensation for the financial harm that you have suffered.

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