Elder Securities Fraud: FINRA Bars Former Broker From Industry

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has barred former broker Sergio M. Del Toro from the industry for allegedly defrauding an elderly investor, age 90, of over half a million dollars. Del Toro has agreed to the bar but is not admitting to or denying wrongdoing.

FINRA says that between 2004 and 2006, Del Toro recommended that the elderly investor, who died in 2006, invest $511,000 in 3rd Dimensions Inc, a speculative, development-stage company. FINRA is accusing Del Toro of promising to buy back at $400,000 the securities that the senior investor had bought for $351,000 if the latter was dissatisfied. The elderly client bought additional stock at Del Toro’s suggestion. The former broker received about $76,650 in commissions.

FINRA claims that not only did the client pay $3-$4 for 3rd Dimension stock, which was not appropriate given the investor’s financial situation and age, but also, Del Toro allegedly did not have any reasonable grounds for valuing the stock at those prices when he sold them to his client.

FINRA claims Del Toro knew 3rd Dimension was making little if no revenue at the time and did not notify the two broker-dealers that he was registered with about his activities.

Elder Financial Fraud
Unfortunately, elderly senior investors can be easy prey for brokers that are willing to take advantage of them. It can be devastating to have your life savings (that you worked so hard for and hoped could cover your retirement or be passed on to your children and grandchildren) stolen from you by a financial professional.

Elder investment fraud is a crime. It is also a form of elder abuse when the victim is an older senior investor.

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