Disgruntled Investors Continue to File Securities Fraud Litigation Against Merrill Lynch Even Eight Months After Its Acquisition by Bank of America Corp.

The plaintiffs of some 166 of the 221 cases filed against Merrill Lynch & Co. since January 1, 2009 are alleging securities fraud-related violations. This means that Bank of America Corp, which acquired the broker-dealer at the beginning of the year, has assumed responsibility for the outcome of these civil cases. Some of these investor fraud claims were filed as late as last month.

Some cases discuss Merrill’s involvement in the marketing, underwriting, and selling of securitizations, or asset-backed securities. Other cases delve into Merrill’s dealings in the auction-rate securities market. A number of the securities fraud cases against Merrill are class action lawsuits. Merrill Lynch is the lead defendant in many of the cases and one of several financial firms named in the other complaints.

Some of the Securities Fraud Cases Against Merrill Lynch:
Gordon v. Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc.: Merrill Lynch and several other financial firms are accused of misrepresenting or omitting key information in offering documents when participating in securitization underwriting.

Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi v. Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.: Merrill is accused of violated specific sections of the 1933 Securities Act when it allegedly made bogus statements in registering and offering documents connected to asset-backed securities.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. v. Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.: The pharmaceutical company plaintiff contends that it lost $5 million when investing in ARS that the broker-dealer structured and sold.

Ginsberg v. Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.: This class action claim accuses Merrill of failing to tell shareholders that the firm was significantly exposed to collateralized debt obligations and other high-risk financial products. The plaintiffs claim that senior management at Merrill Lynch let bogus information go out during conference calls and in registration statements and news releases.

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