Texas Securities Fraud Lawsuit Against Former EnergyTec CEO Can Move Forward, Says District Court

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas says it won’t dismiss the securities fraud lawsuit against Frank Cole, the former head of Energytec Inc. The plaintiffs are accusing Cole, Energytec, and others of taking part in a fraudulent oil investment scam that cost investors millions of dollars.

In their securities fraud complaint, the plaintiffs say that Energytec developed 250 “Income Programs” with oil well working interests, in addition “Purchase Agreements” and “Evaluation Reports” for each program. Frank W. Cole Engineering prepared the evaluation reports, which were offered to investors, along with the purchase agreements, in connection with the sale of income program securities.

According to the plaintiffs, the evaluation reports and the purchase agreements contained material misrepresentations. They also claim that there were material omissions in the documents. For example, Energytec failed to disclose that a corporate officer had a prior criminal conviction and did not reveal that monthly payments were in fact advance payments that Energytec would later recoup.

Jomar Oil, the lead plaintiff in the investment fraud case, says Energytec’s Income Program 225 had unregistered brokers who sold securities and that this violated the Connecticut Uniform Securities Act and the Securities Exchange Act. The plaintiffs are accusing Energytech and Cole of lying to investors and filing SEC reports that were misleading.

The Texas court declined Cole’s motion to dismiss the securities fraud lawsuit accusing him of playing a key role in the Ponzi scheme. The judge noted that the plaintiffs had met applicable pleading requirements and had gone beyond pleading ‘positional scienter’ in regards to Cole.

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