SSEK Looks Into Securities Fraud Claims for Richard Buswell and Brookstone Securities Clients Over Private Placement Units Sales in Advanced Blast Protection

Our securities fraud lawyers are investigating claims for clients of Richard Buswell and Brookstone Securities over private placement units sales in Advanced Blast Protection, as well as charges that clients received unsuitable recommendations.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has made public records noting that Brookstone Securities terminated Buswell’s employment this year in the wake of investigations involving allegations of fraud, unsuitability, failure to disclose complaints, churning, and other “disclosable matters” that may be “outstanding.” Buswell’s employment termination was reportedly punitive.

Some investors say they lost their retirement because Buswell gave them the wrong advice and defrauded them. He is also accused of overstating potential earnings for clients, convincing some of them to invest in companies that would give him commissions, and in some cases was given higher commissions than expected. Buswell is also accused of making high risk investments for investors who would have been better off making more conservative to moderate moves.

Investors have also filed complaints against Buswell over the sale and marketing of private placement units in Advanced Blast Protection. ABP is based in South Florida. The company’s clients were supposed to receive principal payments this year but ABP defaulted. As a result, investors were left with illiquid investments.

Please contact Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LTD LLP if you bought ABP private placement or were an investor client of Brookstone and Buswell.

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