Another Securities Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against UBS International

Another securities fraud lawsuit has been filed against UBS International, which is a division of UBS. This latest claim brings forth allegations similar to those filed earlier in the year against UBSI. Both claims revolve around the use of loans to buy securities, such as stocks, and UBS created products. Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LTD LLP is the stockbroker fraud law firm to file this latest case.

According to the securities fraud claim, a UBSI broker working out of the Coral Cables office recommended specific loans along with a portfolio that mostly was comprised of equities to a certain Latin American client. Because of this, “margin calls” were made on the UBSI accounts.

When the client couldn’t come up with additional funds, the assets already in the account were sold off, resulting in losses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The complaint contends that the transactions made within the UBSI accounts were unsuitable and inappropriate and placed most (if not all) of the investor’s funds at risk.

It is unclear whether the satellite office in Florida had supervisors or compliance officers charged with overseeing the broker. There is evidence, however, that UBSI sent client statements to the broker’s other office in Guatemala rather than directly to the clients. This could have resulted in the client not being able to avail of certain safeguards. The broker also used Americorp Trust, an offshore entity located in the Netherlands Antilles, to deal with this specific client’s assets.

Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LTD LLP specializes in securities fraud cases requiring litigation or arbitration, as well as cases involving broker misconduct.

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