Morgan Keegan Settlement with Children’s Wish Fund Shows the Impact Recouping Investment Losses Can Have On The Little People

In 2007, Morgan Keegan settled an arbitration claim with the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund for an undisclosed amount. The charity had reported losing $48,000 in a mutual fund it had invested in with the brokerage firm.

The Wish Fund became involved in mortgage securities after a local banker persuaded the charity’s executive director, Terry Ceaser-Hudson, to invest money in a bond fund through Morgan Keegan. Ceaser-Hudson was put in touch with broker Christopher Herrmann. When she asked him about the risks of investing in the fund, she says he assured her that investing it would be as safe as investing in a CD or a money market account.

In June 2007, the Wish Fund invested nearly $223,000 in the fund. That week, two Bear Stearns funds collapsed.

Less than three weeks after investing the charity’s money in the Morgan Keegan fund, Ceaser-Hudson says she was surprised to see a $5,000 loss. As the bond fund’s net asset value fell in September, she ordered the sale of the stakes to be sold. She got back about $174,000 of the $223,000 she had invested on behalf of the Wish Fund-that’s a 22% loss in just three months. Ceaser-Hudson filed an arbitration claim against Morgan Keegan and accused Herrmann of breach of duty when he making an unsuitable recommendation to the Wish Fund.

It appears as if the Regions Morgan Keegan mutual fund board members, like many investment professionals, did not properly assess the risks that came with investing in mortgage securities. Most of the brokerage firm’s directors do not own shares in the bond funds that were devastated, which means that the majority of them were not impacted by their decline.

For a charity like the Children’s Wish Fund, however, the losses it incurred had been preventing nine sick children from having their wishes granted.

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