Stockbroker Fraud Law Firm Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LTD LLP Investigate Securities Fraud Claims Involving Former World Group Securities Representatives David Olson and Edward Allen

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority says that former World Group Securities representative David Olson was named in a customer complaint filed in October 2008. The customer claims Olson persuaded him to buy real estate, which was leased back to the representative. The customer alleges that Olson agreed to pay the customer mortgage payments plus interest.

The customer says Olson defaulted on their deal and stopped making payments. The customer is also accusing the representative of soliciting three promissory notes for purchase and earmarking proceeds to buy other real estate properties.

It is considered improper for a FINRA registered representative to issue promissory notes, borrow money from clients, or engage in undisclosed, outside business.

Shepherd Smith and Edwards is investigating securities fraud claims involving David Olson and business partner Edward Allen, as well as their business entities WFG and A&O Companies. Allen also used to work for World Group Securities.

World Group Securities
World Group Securities brokers have been in the headlines recently following news that the US Securities and Exchange Commission was suing five of them due to allegations that they persuaded investors to use subprime mortgages to refinance their homes. The brokers allegedly were compensated for securities sales and mortgage refinancings.

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