Merrill Lynch NY Branch Manager is No Longer with the Firm

Merrill Lynch & Co. is confirming that Branch Manager Joseph Mattia no longer works for the investment firm’s global wealth-management group. Mattia supervised 200 financial advisors in Merrill Lynch’s 5th Avenue office.

A spokesperson for Merrill Lynch refused to provide details. CNN reports that Mattia left the firm. Investment News, however, says that Mattia was escorted from the building on Monday. Industry insiders say there are a number reasons why a branch manager might be let go. Personnel problems and compliance issues are just two reasons.

Also on Monday, Merrill Lynch severed ties with Rosalie H. Fields, an adviser who also worked at the New York branch. Fields was one of 900 female brokers that filed a class action lawsuit against Merrill Lynch accusing the firm of gender discrimination. A settlement was reached with almost all of the plaintiffs.

Meantime, Bank of America, Corp. is still expected to acquire Merrill Lynch during the first quarter. Merrill Lynch is one of the bigger investment firms that took huge financial hits because of the credit crunch. Today, several hundred people showed up at a meeting at Merrill Lynch’s New York offices to vote on the merger between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.

Bank of America shareholders also got together today to ratify the $50 billion acquisition. Because of Bank of America’s falling share price, however, the value of the deal has dropped by $30.3 billion since September and is now worth $19.7 billion.

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