FBI Investigates Former HFI Securities Inc. Vice President After Gold and Silver Coins Worth Millions of Dollars Found in His Basement

The FBI is currently investigating Don Weir, a broker and former vice president of investment firm St. Louis-based HFI Securities Inc. The federal probe comes after silver and gold coins worth millions of dollars were found in the basement of Weir’s former home.

The authorities confiscated the bouillon after Weir’s estranged wife contacted the president of HFI Securities and suggested that he visit the home. According to an attorney for HFI, the coins were being held for investors that worked with Weir. However, HFI’s attorney also says that the firm was not aware that Weir had purchased the coins and that he was stashing them in the Missouri basement.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed. Weir, who has been a brokerage firm representative for over 20 years, however, is now unemployed. He reportedly tried to commit suicide soon after the coins were discovered. In the meantime, HFI is trying to determine which of its customers may be the owners of the silver and gold coins.

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