MetLife Securities Broker Charged with Stealing from 9/11 Victim’s Widow

The Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York have filed cases accusing a former MetLife employee of what is perhaps a new low in securities fraud: Misappropriation of funds from the widow of a victim of the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

The SEC said that defendant Kevin James Dunn Jr., then an employee of MetLife Securities Inc., was friends with the widow and convinced her to invest her terror-attack compensation funds with him and MetLife. The SEC said Dunn “then proceeded to betray the customer’s trust” by engaging in a “series of material misrepresentations” about the purchase and sale of securities in her account. That and other fraudulent actions were “aimed at swindling [the client] out of a substantial portion” of her 9/11 widow’s compensation.

Dunn allegedly misappropriated $248,000 from the client by creating a joint account in both their names, forging her signature on transaction documents, and “telling her outrageous lies” concerning the status of the account. He also deceived her into providing him with blank checks which he used to deposit funds into his own bank account.

Although MetLife terminated Dunn in February, the SEC claims he continued to deceive the widow for two months by acting as if he still was a broker employed at MetLife. It is unclear whether MetLife had knowledge of the brokers’ activities at the time of his departure or whether it provided any warning of those activities to any client.

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