Morgan Stanley Former Associate and Husband Sentenced in Insider Trading Scheme

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has sentenced former Morgan Stanley Associate Randi Collotta and her husband, an attorney, to home confinement and ordered them to pay more than $10,000 in fines, plus a forfeiture, for their alleged roles in a large insider trading scheme which apparently resulted in at least $15 million of illicit profits.

At all relevant times, Randi Collotta was an associate in Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.’s global compliance division, the indictment said. Her husband practiced law at a firm in Long Island at the time of his arrest, a source knowledgeable with the case said. The SEC charged the Collottas and 12 others with insider trading violations for using information stolen from UBS Securities LLC and Morgan Stanley.

The indictment detailed trades the Collottas allegedly made with insider information gained by Collotta at Morgan Stanley. She passed the information to her husband, who passed it to a co-conspirator, who then made trades based on the information and passed the information to a second co-conspirator, who traded on the information as well.

Mrs. Collotta was sentenced to four years’ probation and her husband was sentenced to three years’ probation. Each was required to spend the first six months in home confinement. (One might wonder whether six months confinement at home with a spouse is to easy or too harsh.) Ms. Colotta must also spend 60 days in prison during the course of her probationary period.

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