What’s in a Title? Washington State Securities Regulators Want to Know

Ever notice how impressive titles are thrown around in the field of investments? Just what, if anything, to these mean. The Washington State Securities Division has proposed that that anyone who uses a professional designation that connotes some type financial planning expertise should fulfill the requirements and register as an investment adviser.

The Washington Department of Financial Instututions “notes the growth in the use of professional designations which state or imply that a person has special expertise, certification or training in financial planning,” as quoted in a release by the North American Securities Administrators Association Inc. (NAASA).

The state therefore plans to clarify its rules to consider a person who uses such a professional designation as holding himself out as a financial planner. It would also prohibit the misleading use of other professional designations. Washington and other states have expressed the need to limit designations regarding advisors to senior citizens. Washington has now expanded its efforts to control the use of designations to protect investors of all ages.

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