Some Brookstreet Brokers Become Wedbush Morgan Brokers

As we reported in June: Brookstreet Securities Corp. reported severe problems with CMO securities and soon announced its closing. Scott Brooks (son of Stan Brooks, founder of Brookstreet) left for Wedbush Morgan Securities Inc. of Los Angeles, inviting Brookstreet’s representatives to join him.

Brookstreet operated using independent contractors almost exclusively and Wedbush reportedly plans to sign the Brookstreet representatives to similar agreements. Wedbush Morgan had about 40 independent contractor reps of 260 total brokers, said Ed Wedbush, that firm’s CEO. About 100 of the 650 Brookstreet brokers have so-far followed Scott Brooks, according to Ed Wedbush. “We’re recruiting, like other firms, some of their brokers and bond traders,” he said.

Many Brookstreet reps don’t know much about Wedbush, said Larry Papike, a San Diego-based recruiter, “So I think brokers really started looking around for other solutions,” he said. Securities America Inc. and J.P. Turner & Co. have picked up a number of Brookstreet reps, Mr. Papike said.

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