Former UBS Vice President Pleads Guilty To Conspiring With Hedge Fund Operator And Founder Of Capital Management Group To Bilk At Least $2.5 Million From Over 40 Investors

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says that Justin Paperny, a former account vice president at UBS Financial Services, Inc., has pleaded guilty to helping Capital Management Group founder Keith Gilabert bilk at least $2.5 million from investors.

Paperny pled guilty to wire fraud, securities fraud, and conspiracy to commit mail fraud, while admitting that he helped Gilabert fraudulently run GLT Venture Fund. Paperny also said that he lied to investors so that they would invest in the fund, took kickbacks from Gilabert, and conspired with him to mislead investors about the hedge fund’s performance history, the oversight of Capital Management Group by his brokerage firm, and any risks connected to investing in Capital Management Group.

That said, Paperny also says that he informed management at the brokerage firm that GLT had not been adhering to its investment strategy and that authorities at his firm knew of Gilabert’s fraudulent behavior. The investigation is pending. Paperny faces a possible 5-year federal prison term. He has agreed to cooperate with investigators as a condition of his guilty plea.

In 2006, Gilabert pled guilty to conspiracy charges for his role in the scheme. He said that for 4 ½ years (from September 2000 to January 2005), Capital Management Group collected over $7 million from over 40 clients and offered investments in GLT. He said he lost and misappropriated most of these funds.

Last year, the SEC had also filed a lawsuit charging Gilabert and Capital Management Group with offering and selling limited partnerships in GLT, in addition to raising $14.1 million from nearly 40 investors. Investors were told that a portfolio of stocks and options would be established and that GLT could generate average annual returns that ranged from 19% to 36%. Investors were also told that Gilabert and GLT would only receive compensation that was based on performance if the company became profitable. The company lost $7.8 million, with $1.7 million misappropriated for the company and Gilabert’s personal use. $4.6 was misused in new investor funds to pay current investors.

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